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To our patients: Although dentists primarily treat the area in and around your mouth, your mouth is a part of your entire body. Health problems that you may have or medication that you may be taking, could have an important interrelationship with the care, that you will be receiving. Thank you for answering the following questions. Your answers are for our records only and will be considered confidential.

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Payment is due in full at the time of treatment unless prior arrangements have been approved.

This office accepts insurance. I understand that I am responsible for payment of services rendered and I am also responsible for paying any co-payment and deductibles that my insurance does not cover. I hereby authorize payment directly to the Dental Office of the of the group insurance benefits otherwise payable to me. I understand that I am responsible for all costs of dental treatment. I hereby authorize release of any information, including the diagnosis and records of treatment or examination rendered, to my insurance company.

I understand that the information that I have given today is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that this information will be held in the strictest confidence and it is my responsibility to inform this office of any changes in my medical status. I authorize the dental staff to perform any necessary dental services that I may need during diagnosis and treatment, with my informed consent.

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